[ 01/01/2017 ] Peanut free facility

peanut free facilityWe offer Peanut-free tree nuts with limited chance of cross-contamination between nuts (i.e pistachios are processed in lines that are dedicated to only pistachios not almonds e.t.c).


[ 10/07/2016 ] Introduction Brochures - sell sheets & Product list

pdf documentsDownload our company brochure, sell sheets and technical sheets.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Products list

products list of nutsProducts list in html form.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Roasting nuts

roasterNew nut dry roaster of 3,3 tons per day.


[ 27/05/2011 ] Makin dry nuts - Information about Greek dry nuts

farmingInformation about Greek almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.


[ 28/03/2011 ] New company logo

makin logoMakin dried nuts presents new company logo "Makin nuts, almonds, pistachios & pistachio kernels".


[ 05/06/2010 ] Cooperation with NutTech co.

nuttech logoNutTech co. is official partner company. The manufacturer, produce tree nut processing machines since 1984.


[ 29/10/2010 ] Biological - organic dry nuts

organic logoMakin dry nuts trade in biological-organic dry nuts.


[ 15/01/2011 ] Trade of dried nuts suitable for food ingredients

dry nuts for confectionaryMakin dry nuts sells dried nuts suitable for sweets, ice creams and biscuits ingredients.


Greek inshell pistachios naturally opened

Makin dry nuts | Grower, Processor, Supplier and Exporter of Greek Dried Nuts
Greek inshell pistachios    

Pistachio trees are grown in different parts of the world and the mainly pistachio producing areas are California (San Joaquim Valley), Iran (Kerman) and Greece (Aegine and Almyros region). Greece is known worldwide for pistachios (pistachio vera). We produce, process and trade high quality pistachios. Our farming knowledge has as a result to produce and supply top quality Greek pistachios with white shells and excellent taste. Our state of art processing machines achieve high percent of sorting open mouth pistachios up to 99,99% splits pistachios. We have also the ability to produce Greek pistachios kernels that have Green-red skin outside and green color inside. Our Greek pistachios can be Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and comefrom the regions of Aegine and Almyros. The Greek pistachios are being commerced in wholesale prices in Greece and internationally.

  • Commercial name: Inshell pistachios naturally opened (N.O)
  • Sort: Naturally opened pistachios (opened mouth/smile shell)
  • Grades: Superior, A, STD
  • Sizes: 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30 (21/25, 26/30)
  • Origin: Greek, Californian (USA), Iranian
  • Variety: Long type pistachios (Aegine), Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Kerman
  • Taste: Sweet in raw or roasting process
  • Color: White shell, Green-Red skin and inner green kernel
  • Process: Raw
  • Dried method: sundried or mechanically dried
  • Non split / closed mouth pistachios: 0,01% - 4.5% depending on grade
  • Uniformity of Size: Medium, High, Extra High depending on grade
  • Fumigation: According to clients request
  • Packing method: PP bags
  • Net weight: 25 kgs
  • Shipping information: on europallet (750 kgs), 20'' container (14.000 kgs), 40'' container (21.000 kgs)
  • Comments: Perfect for raw or roasted consumption
  •      Raw Natural

      natural almonds kernels   no1 whole and broken almonds   almonds broken splits
      inshell pistachios naturally opened   pistachios kernels   pistachios kernels splits broken
      walnuts kernels halves   walnuts kernels quarters   walnuts kernels broken
      hazelnuts kenrels

        Manufactured nuts

      blanched almonds   blanched broken almonds   diced blanched almonds   blanched sliced almonds   blanched almonds powder
      diced almonds natural   almonds meal
      peeled pistachios kernels   diced pistachios kernels   pistachio powder meal
      diced hazelnuts   hazelnuts meal

        Roasted Nuts

      roasted almonds   roasted inshell pistachios

        Nut Pastes & Creams

      almond paste butter   blanched almonds paste   pistachio paste butter   hazelnut paste butter  

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