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[ 01/01/2017 ] Peanut free facility

products listWe offer Peanut-free tree nuts with limited chance of cross-contamination between nuts (i.e pistachios are processed in lines that are dedicated to only pistachios not almonds e.t.c).


[ 10/07/2016 ] Introduction Brochures - sell sheets & Product list

products listDownload our company brochure, sell sheets and technical sheets.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Products list

products list of nutsProducts list in html form.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Roasting nuts

roasterNew nut dry roaster of 3,3 tons per day.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Live stock Availability

live quotationProduct availability and updated market reports.


[ 27/05/2011 ] Makin dry nuts - Information about Greek dry nuts

farmingInformation about Greek almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.


[ 28/03/2011 ] New company logo

makin logoMakin dried nuts presents new company logo "Makin nuts, almonds, pistachios & pistachio kernels".


[ 05/06/2010 ] Cooperation with NutTech co.

nuttech logoNutTech co. is official partner company. The manufacturer, produce tree nut processing machines since 1984.


[ 21/10/2010 ] New pistachios line

pistachios image Our Pistachio line has been modernized.


[ 29/10/2010 ] Biological - organic dry nuts

organic logoMakin dry nuts trade in biological-organic dry nuts.


[ 15/01/2011 ] Trade of dried nuts suitable for food ingredients

dry nuts for confectionaryMakin dry nuts sells dried nuts suitable for sweets, ice creams and biscuits ingredients.


Greek Peeled Pistachios kernels (GPPK)

Makin dry nuts | Grower, Processor, Supplier and Exporter of Greek Dried Nuts
Greek Green Peeled Pistachios Kernels (GGPPK)    

Greek Green Peeled Pistachios Kernels (GGPPK) are produced by the blaching of the natural shelled pistachios so as the skin of the kernels to be removed. After further processing of the peeled pistachios kernels, the peeled kernels are separeted according to the color of the kernel to Green, Greenish and Yellow peeled kernels. Makin Nut co. is the only company in Greece that produce and supply GPPK. The peeled pistachios are marketed / commerced in Greece and internationally in bulk wholesale prices.

  • Commercial name: Green Peeled Pistachios Kernels
  • Origin: Greek
  • Variety: Long type pistachios
  • Sort: Peeled pistachios kernels
  • Size: -
  • Grade of kernel: Whole, Splits
  • Process: Raw
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Color: green kernel to yellow kernel
  • Packing method: Vacuum carton boxes
  • Net weight: 12 kgs
  • Shipping information: on europallet (756 kgs), 20'' container (11,340 kgs)
  • Comments: Suitable for raw, roasted consumption or confectionery, ice cream and cosmetic industry.

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