[ 01/01/2017 ] Peanut free facility

Peanut free facilityWe offer Peanut-free tree nuts with limited chance of cross-contamination between nuts (i.e pistachios are processed in lines that are dedicated to only pistachios not almonds e.t.c).


[ 10/07/2016 ] Introduction Brochures - sell sheets & Product list

products listDownload our company brochure, sell sheets and technical sheets.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Products list

products list of nutsProducts list in html form.


[ 10/07/2016 ] Roasting nuts

roasterNew nut dry roaster of 3,3 tons per day.


[ 27/05/2011 ] Makin dry nuts - Information about Greek dry nuts

farmingInformation about Greek almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.


[ 28/03/2011 ] New company logo

makin logoMakin dried nuts presents new company logo "Makin nuts, almonds, pistachios & pistachio kernels".


[ 05/06/2010 ] Cooperation with NutTech co.

nuttech logoNutTech co. is official partner company. The manufacturer, produce tree nut processing machines since 1984.


[ 29/10/2010 ] Biological - organic dry nuts

organic logoMakin dry nuts trade in biological-organic dry nuts.


[ 15/01/2011 ] Trade of dried nuts suitable for food ingredients

dry nuts for confectionaryMakin dry nuts sells dried nuts suitable for sweets, ice creams and biscuits ingredients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Makin dry nuts | Grower, Processor, Supplier and Exporter of Greek origin Dried Nuts

Is there a minimum order? YES and NO it depends on the products you want to buy. We advice you to ask us.

Which is the packing method? We use 25 kgs PP bags and 10-12 kgs kgs vacuum packed carton boxes.

How many bags fit in a europallet? 30 bags of 25 kgs (750 kgs).

How many boxes fit in a europallet? 63 boxes of 10 or 12 kgs (630-756 kgs)

How many bags or boxes fit in a 20' container? Approximately 560 bags or 1000 cartons boxes. Bag and Box stuffing plan may change total number of boxes loaded. Around 10-14 tons fit in.

How many bags or boxes fit in a 40' container? Approximately 960 bags or 1600 handable cartons boxes. Around 16-24 tons fits in a 40' container.

Types of pallets? We use Europallets (800mm x 1,200mm X Height).

How many pallets fit into a 20' or 40' container? A 20'ft container can hold 11 Europallets, while a 40' container, 23-24 europallets.

Which is the closed port to your company? Volos port is 35 km away. Thessaloniki or Piraeus port are 210 km and 270 kms away respectively from our facility on Almyros, 37100.

What type of Incoterms® 2010 do you have? Ex Works (EXW) Factory, FCA, Free On Board (FOB), CPT, CFR and CIF only. Please advise on delivery terms of your proforma invoice for the exact Incoterms® 2010. For general info about the international rules that regulate international trade practices please follow the link Incoterms®2010.

What type of Payment Terms do you have?T/T in advance or Confirmed irrevocable letter of credit (L/C). For high volume orders, a 20%-50% of funds are requested before manufacture. 50% t/t in advance and 50% on 21 or 45 days net it may be accepted for long-term and reputable clients.

Once I recieve the proforma invoice, how many days did I have to make the payment?Once you recieve the proforma invoice, you have a time of 3 working days to make the payment and send us the scanned copy of swift / bank transfer. In case of late payment our company has the right to cancel the order after an earlier notification to the buyer.

Which is the Procedure for closing the deal?
  1. Order confirmation per Email / Fax
  2. Proforma invoice will be issued in a few hours
  3. Payment terms: T/T in advance
  4. You send copy of your swift payment (within 72h of recieving the proforma invoice)
  5. Inspection: can be arranged
  6. Shipment: Once we confirm the payment in our bank account, the goods will be available for pickup. Ussually in 1-3 working days your products are ready for loading.

Which is the container transport cost from your facility to my port?For full container loadings you should ask shipping companies like Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), ZIM lines, MAERSK line, Hanjin Shipping, and companies that offer international transport services & freight forwarding shipping to / from Greece. Usually sea shipping cost is around 0,03-0,05 euro cents per kg.

Which is the land transport cost from your facility to my facility?For full truck loadings transport cost to all European destinations starts from 0,05 euro cent per kg. For partial loadings of 1-10 europallets land transport cost is from 0,10 cents to 0,50 cents per kg. For single europallet loading, avarage transport cost is around 0,30-0,36 euro cents per kg.

What happens if I discover that the delivered products are in damage or in shortage? The Goods are delivered to the carrier in excellent condition. All goods shall, from the moment of loading to first carrier, travel at client's risk. If any shortage, damage or defection is discovered either at time of delivery or later, it is incumbent upon the consignee to file claims for redress against carrier. Our company is not responsible for lack of handling of products by the carrier or the recipient.

Can I return a product back? Unless due to Seller’s error, no Goods are to be returnable or refundable without seller’s prior authorization. Receipt of Goods constitutes full acceptance of their quality, and quantity.

Do you offer samples? Yes, samples may be shipped. Client pays for shipping and handling charges.

Do you offer certificates? Yes, our company offers certificates such as, Euro1, phytosanitary, inspection, origin, health analysis, aflatoxin, declarations of Non-GMO, Non-Radiation, allergens, quality, weight, packing list and technical sheets. We are certified by the hellenic food authority (efet) for using proper practices on processing and handling our products, while all the tree nuts are produced in establishments that comply with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs. Moreover, we are HACCP compliant and peanut free facility too.

Can I become your distributor, what about exclusive rights? Yes and no, it depends on your geographic location and our discretion. Exclusive rights are reserved for established companies who are able to move high volume of product, and furthermore after a trial period.

Can I sign any contract with you for a 12 months supply? Yes and No, it depends on the products and the quantity that you want to buy per year. In any case, it is necessary to recieve a downpayment of 25% of the final payment for long-term deliveries.


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